small order accept lowest price customized large v belt pulley

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Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Plastic, Nylon,PU,POM,PE
Product name:
large v belt pulley
All colors available
Insert material:
Aluminum windows,door,furniture fitting,
Surface treatment:

large v belt pulley

Features and Benefits:

Self lubricating

High tensile strength

Corrosion and chemical resistance

Excellent impact resistance

Excellent vibration and fatigue resistance

Lower water absorption

Very low friction


Specially formulated, zirconia ceramic is the most man-made material for wear applications such as wire drawing capstans.

Corrosion Resistance

Specially formulated, zirconia ceramic is highly resistance to attack by corrosion problems(chemical contents used in processing of wire drawing).

The corrosion resistance fo zirconia ceramic is far superior to metal.

Surface Finish

The superior surface by high polish processing result in high quality of the drawn wire plus extended die life.


Providing excellent hardness, corrosion resistance, superior surface finish, ceramic capstans attained worldwide estimation in wire drawing industries field.

Product Description In order to meet the needs of high quality and productivity of metal wire drawing machines production,our company has successfully developed the ZrO2 ceramic wire drawing capstans with the strong technical supports from the relative university and research institutes.The ZrO2 ceramics is a type of new hi-tech with the following advantages which compared with traditional AI2O2 ceramics.

1High strength and fracture toughness

2High hardness and wear resistance

3its coefficient of thermal expansion almost attain the common metal

4Low thermal conductivity Featured with high strength and fracture toughness,ZrO2 ceramics has been well known as the ceramics steel.Its fracture toughness is the highest among all types of ceramics and its machining performances are excellent.with the perfection OF ZrO2v formula and those features guarantee their uncomparable wear-resistance with the traditional ceramics.after machining,the fine grain ceramics can gain very low surface roughness(<0.1UM),thus improve the quality of the finished wire rods.The fine grain ZrO2 ceramics is capable of self-lubrication and better polish can be expected after service.The modulus of elasticity and the coefficient of thermal expansion of the ZrO2 ceramics are similar to those of the steel,making it available to form a compound wire rod drawing wheel with its steel parts.And the damages or cracks can be avoided because of their balanced thrmal expansion Practical use prove that the ZrO2 ceramic wire drawing capstans are the perfect spare parts for modern high speed wire drawing machines.

Model Size BS16-d6.3W6 OD16mm,inner bore6.3mm,thickness6mm,bearingR188ZZ BS18-d5w7 OD18mm,inner bore5mm,thickness7mm,bearing605ZZ BS20-d5w7 OD20mm,inner bore5mm,thickness7mm,bearing605ZZ BS22-d5w7 OD22mm,inner bore5mm,thickness7mm,bearing605ZZ BS22-d6w10 OD22mm,inner bore6mm,thickness10mm,bearing626ZZ BS23-d6w8 OD23mm,inner bore6mm,thickness8mm,bearing626ZZ BS25-d6w7 OD25mm,inner bore6mm,thickness7mm,bearing626ZZ BS26-d6w8 OD26mm,inner bore6mm,thickness8mm,bearing626ZZ BS26-d6w10 OD26mm,inner bore6mm,thickness10mm,bearing626ZZ BS29-d8w10 OD29mm,inner bore8mm,thickness10mm,bearing608ZZ BS30-d9w9 OD30mm,inner bore9mm,thickness9mm,nonstandard bearing BS30-d10w10 OD30mm,inner bore10mm,thickness10mm,bearing6000ZZ BS30-d8w12 OD30mm,inner bore8mm,thickness12mm,bearing608ZZ BS32-d12w9 OD32mm,inner bore12mm,thickness9mm,bearing6001ZZ BS35-d10w10 OD35mm,inner bore10mm,thickness10mm,bearing6000ZZ BS58-d15w24 OD58mm,inner bore15mm,thickness24mm,bearing6202ZZ

Model Size BSR19.5-d4w6 OD19.5mm,inner bore4mm,thickness6mm,nonstandard bearing BSR20-d5w6 OD20mm,inner bore5mm,thickness6mm,bearing695ZZ BSR22-d5w7 OD22mm,inner bore5mm,thickness7mm,bearing625ZZ BSR23-d5w5 OD23mm,inner bore5mm,thickness5mm,horn hole BSR23-d5w7 OD23mm,inner bore5mm,thickness7mm,bearing625ZZ BSR24-d4w6 OD24mm,inner bore4mm,thickness6mm,nonstandard bearing BSR24-d5w6 OD24mm,inner bore5mm,thickness6mm,with rivet BSR24-d6w6 OD24mm,inner bore6mm,thickness6mm,single ridge BSR25.4-d6w6 OD25.4mm,inner bore6mm,thickness6mm,bearing626ZZ BSR25-d4w6 OD25mm,inner bore4mm,thickness6mm,horn hole BSR25-d5w6 OD25mm,inner bore5mm,thickness6mm,horn hole BSR25-d6w6 OD25mm,inner bore6mm,thickness6mm,nonstandard bearing BSR26-d5w5 OD26mm,inner bore5mm,thickness5mm,horn hole BSR28-d8w10 OD28mm,inner bore8mm,thickness10mm,bearing608ZZ BSR30-d8w8 OD30mm,inner bore8mm,thickness8mm,bearing608ZZ BSR31.5-w6 OD31.5mm,thickness6mm,nonstandard bearing BSR33-d8w12 OD33mm,inner bore8mm,thickness12mm,bearing608ZZ BSR34-d8w13 OD34mm,inner bore8mm,thickness13mm,bearing608ZZ BSR34-d6w9 OD34mm,inner bore6mm,thickness9mm,bearing626ZZ BSR35-d10w10 OD35mm,inner bore10mm,thickness10mm,bearing6000ZZ